NEI Research Grant for Vision Related Secondary Data Analysis (R21)

This FOA encourages applications from institutions/organizations that propose to conduct vision-related secondary data analyses utilizing existing database resources.  Applications may be related to, but must be distinct from, the specific aims of the original data collection.  The NEI supports an extensive portfolio of clinical trials and large-scale epidemiologic research projects wherein numerous data collection activities are required to meet each project's specific aims. The resultant wealth of data generated by these studies often provides unique, cost-effective opportunities to investigate additional research questions or develop new analytical approaches secondary to a project's originally-intended purpose.  Data are not limited to those collected under NEI support but such data are of the highest programmatic interest. The purpose of this FOA is for secondary data analysis from vision related clinical trials, epidemiologic and other clinical research studies.  This FOA may be used to develop new statistical methodologies or test hypotheses using existing data, but this FOA must not be used to support the collection of new data.

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