Research to Advance the Understanding and Management of the Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in Children (R21)

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to establish a program of research to advance the understanding, prevention and treatment of pediatric multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). Given the prevalence and associated morbidity and mortality of MODS in children, the current lack of understanding underscores the need for more exploratory research.

The intent of this R21 funding initiative is to encourage exploratory and developmental research projects by providing support for the early and conceptual stages of research projects addressing these topics. These studies may incur considerable research risk in efforts to make important breakthroughs in the understanding, prevention and treatment of MODS in children. Projects of limited cost or scope that use widely accepted approaches and methods within well-established fields are better suited for the R03 small grant activity code. It is hoped that the results of this exploratory research will translate into improved clinical outcomes for children with, and at risk for MODS.  

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