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A variety of research support services are available to assist University of Pittsburgh investigators in advancing their research programs. You can find resources categorically by choosing one of options below or search the entire directory through the keyword search option.

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Cell Culture and Cytogenetics Facility (CCCF)

3060 Parran Hall Lab Annex-5C
130 De Soto Street

The Cell Culture and Cytogenetics Facility provides comprehensive cytogenetics services as well assisting with study design and manuscript preparation. 

Services include preparation, laboratory processing and interpretation for:

  • Cell culture including primary cell culture of human cells, and EBV transformation of human B-lymphocytes and cell line cryopreservation
  • Molecular probes
  • Classical and molecular cytogenetic analyses of human and other mammalian cells including Karyotyping
  • Cytogenetic harvests
  • FISH and molecular genetic procedures requisite for FISH, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, fluorescence and light microscopy, darkroom for standard photomicrography and printing as well as digital imaging and printing.
  • Cell line authentication
  • Mycoplasma testing

These approaches can be used to characterize the karyotype of cells; map the location of new genes, virus, or transgene insertions; monitor established cell lines to rule out interspecies cell culture contamination or other changes during cell culture; ensure the fidelity of embryonic stem cells prior to production of knockout mice; determine the pattern of chromosomal gains and losses; and enumerate copy numbers of chromosomes or cancer-related genes.

Keywords: Animal, Rigor and Reproducibility

Clinical and Translational Science Institute(CTSI)

Suite 401 Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace Street
F: 412-648-2741

The mission of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at the University of Pittsburgh is to improve the efficiency with which biomedical advances translate to improvements in the health of the community. CTSI is transforming the process of clinical and translational research through the provision of research and educational resources, thus training and enabling scientists to generate and translate new biomedical knowledge.

  • Research Participant Registry
  • Regulatory Core
  • Clinical and Translational Research Center
  • Design Biostatistics and Ethics Core

Machine Shop

A115 Scaife Hall

The CBP/Pharmacology Machine Shop provides consultation, design and fabrication services to School of Medicine investigators who need specialized devices for experimental use and specialized clinical devices. The Shop personnel can diagnose and repair mechanical scientific machinery and equipment, and working in conjunction with the CBP/Pharmacology Electronics Shop, can also address the repair of electronically controlled scientific machinery and equipment. Services are fee based and an account is required at the time of request of service.

Transgenics and Gene Targeting

Biomedical Science Tower

The TGT (Transgenic and Gene Targeting) and Innovative Technologies Development (ITD) Cores in the Department of Immunology are a shared resource designed to produce genetically engineered mice for investigators of University of Pittsburgh. Our laboratory provides a broad, comprehensive range of services to investigators.

Keywords: Animal, genetic, vector, CRISPR/Cas9, rederivation, mouse, cryopreserve, knockin/knockout, chimera, chimeric